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GG 100 Slide

Our GG100- vehicle sliding system transform your glass roof into a modern sun lounge.
Thanks to the highest level of transparency, the system guarantees you a flexible weather protection for unlimited ease and comfort.
The lateral glass elements can be easily opened and closed. In this way, you achieve a maximum of flexibility between the sense of protection or freedom. The main focus will be put on your current requirement.
The weather not only influences our few outdoor moments from above: lateral harassment by wind and rain can be a significant disturbing factor in our well-deserved after-work hours. Our 100 percent transparent all-glass sliding element GG100 ensures unlimited freedom and can be combined with each of our product lines (Vitello-Flex and Vacanza). The elements are made by size – exactly like our glass roofs. The result is a low-cost and comfortable alternative to an expensive conservatory. Enjoy the beautiful view of your garden throughout the whole year.
The frameless equipment of our not thermally insulated sliding system guarantees for a maximum of transparency. Your completely protected terrace invites you and your friends to contemplative hours all night long. Experts often speak of a must have for each terrace roof by VITELLO.
The second main feature of our sliding element is the simple but nevertheless high-quality construction, which ensures an almost trouble-free and maintenance-free system.
We promise an extraordinary longevity and low-wear.
By the use of stainless steel slide rails and running rollers, we are able to offer you sliding installations in oversized dimensions and a glass weight up to 150 kg.

The benefits of the lateral glazing:

  • Transparency in its most beautiful form: frameless equipment!
  • Flexible protection against lateral wind and rain
  • Trouble-free and maintenance free systems
  • Over-sizes available
  • Can be combined with each terrace roof by VITELLO

Enjoy the freedom: Our GG100 slide and one of our glass roof make it possible:

  • A cozy atmosphere and the highest level of peace
  • Your terrace can be used throughout the whole year
  • An aesthetic appreciation of your property
  • Simple opening and closing of the glass elements