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Sliding roof exhauster against the heat accumulation:

We are easily able to provide you a whiff of freshness in your oasis of well-being. Our Vacanza-Flex sliding roof exhauster is not only the further development of the well-tried Vacanza terrace roof but also a kind of little brother of the well-known Vitello-Flex glass sliding roof. Just take a look at our newest development, which combines the best of both systems. Some of our trade partner already own an example roof in their showroom.
In this way, you get a perfect overview about the many possibilities offered by the installation of a tailor-made and elegant Vacanza glass roof including an integrated sliding roof exhauster.
Experience the unique combination of freedom, protection and harmony: Even rain showers will not destroy your feeling of well-being. It‘s time to declare war on unsettled weather. The combination of sliding elements and window profiles enables you to benefit from a feeling of unconditional security. Enjoy unforgettable and never ending moments at home.
Due to our Vacanza-Flex sliding roof exhauster, we provide you a special way to reduce the heat accumulation under the influence of heat on hot days. The glass element consists of 10 mm safety glass and can be quickly and easily opened. Our roof exhauster impresses with the maintenance-free sliding system and the 100 percent breaking and weather resistance. The combination of our Vacanza glass roof and our Vacanza-Flex roof exhauster creates a tailor-made, aesthetic and functional glass terrace roof. You will not ever want to miss it.
Deciding for a Vacanza-Flex means having all freedoms according to the design. Determine the number of roof exhausters, which should be integrated in your Vacanza roof. Thanks to our handy telescopic rod, the roof exhausters can be opened up to 1.000 mm of the total depth. Go ahead and realize your living dream with our manual Vacanza-Flex.

Vacanza-Flex sliding roof exhauster – the perfect complementary to your Vacanza glass roof:

  • Reduction of heat accumulation
  • Aperture dimension: 1000 x 768 mm
  • Simple handling with a handy telescopic rod
  • 10 mm safety glass
  • Suitable for a roof pitch between 3° and 10°
  • Selectable number of roof exhausters
  • Vacanza-Flex can be easily installed in each center span.
  • Our roof exhauster is only compatible with our Vacanza terrace roof.


If you have any questions about our product, please contact us or one of our trade partner.