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Elegantly designed glass roof

You probably know that problem all too well: Despite good weather, you would like to feel protected and safe. But it would be a shame to spend the few sunny days under a dark roof. With our custom-made Vacanza-terrace roof results a true oasis of relaxation.
The filigree aluminum constructions guarantee a maximum level of glass components. Of course, our glass roof withstands even the strongest gusts of wind and weather. A high snow load also represents no problem. Thanks to our high quality level, your garden will quickly turns into the meeting point for your family. Enjoy your time to chat, have fun and let your mind wander.
In either case, you will take part in the visual design of your own Vacanza glass roof: For example, select the structural shape or roof pitch. The choice of colour ensures the final touch. Our trade partners will give you an overview of our innovative and elegant solutions for glass roofs. They will be pleased to help you with the entire project planning.
The combination of heating and lighting systems will enable you to make your dreams come true: You will feel comfortable at any time of the day and night.
Experience the feeling of security with our Vacanza glass roof and enjoy the sunrays or the clear starry sky.

Vacanza – The maximum of flexibility:

  • Depths between 1.000 and 6.500 mm can be achieved.
  • A roof width of up to 7.000 mm is possible without any problems.
  • A distance between two pillars can be up to 5.500 mm.
  • Roof pitch between 5° and 20° possible.
  • Glass thickness from 8 to 16 mm
  • The rafter height is also selectable according to your optical desire or the static values: 115 mm or 130 mm
  • Due to the 4-sided glass support, it is suitable for different snow loads
  • Compatible with sliding and window elements, heating or lightening systems.
  • Various structural forms: with or without a roof overhang and custom-made design

So why should you choose our Vacanza terrace roof?

  • Thermally insulated, stainless steel and powder-coated aluminum profiles
  • An elegant and linear design pimps up your outdoor area.
  • Integrated and invisible dewatering in one of the pillars
  • There are two sizes of rain gutters and rafters, which ensure an undisturbed optic.
  • Due to diverse colour variations in fine structure, your roof can be easily customized to your home.